Need we say more? It’s the big kahuna!

What’s a kahuna, anyway?

(mad rush to Google)

4 Responses to “World Beer Festival — Durham”

    Trying to find tickets to the World Beer Festival. I am new to the area and am anxious to attend. Where can I find tickets?

    Try the official \”Need WBF tickets\” thread on

    OR, go the day of the event. You may luck out.

    OR, try…though a lot more people are looking for tickets than selling them…

    Good luck,

    World beer festival was outstanding. What a great time, but where was the polka band. Next year I hope they make those engraved bottle openers they give to the vendors available for sale to the public. I would loved to have had one (better than a T-shirt any day). Can’t wait for next year. I recommend it to anyone who loves beer and good fun.

    Wow, just have to say that this year’s WBF was the best that I’ve attended so far. Besides the weather cooperating (not slogging through the mud like last year), the tents and booths were laid out much better, giving a little more room to navigate. My new favorite beer is Navigator by Azalea Coast Brewery, Hadn’t had it before but will definitely have it anytime I can find it. Can’t wait until they get their sebsite up and running and until they start bottling so I can have it anytime I like.