Cary’s “Lazy Daze,” an August art festival, is adding a beer garden. A nonprofit called the Sister Cities Association plans to use the funds from the sale of beer to support its cultural exchange initiatives with Cary’s four international sister cities.


OH NOS! Cary is going to have buh-ear at a family festival! EVERYONE PANIC! Here is a sampling of some letters to the editor from both the Cary News and the Raleigh News and Observer. Names withheld.

Would someone please explain to me the need, not the desire, for beer to be available at Lazy Daze? Just the thought of adults wanting to make preteens and teens aware that alcohol is an accepted beverage is beyond me. Can so-called “responsible adults” not see how alcohol is the reason for broken homes, job loss, abuse, financial probjems, health issues, incurable diseases, automobile accidents and other accidents that cause injury and death to both innocent and guilty people?

(Yes, I am — and you are — merely a “so-called ‘responsible adult.’” While we’re at it, let’s ban cars because they cause accidents to innocent and guilty people. And cell phones. Oh, and coffee — you know, because that old woman one time burned herself from McDonald’s coffee.)

(continued)My husband and I have always maintained the following standard in our home: If the beverage we consume can’t be given to a toddler then we don’t put it to our lips. Our beverages consist of milk, juice, tea, coffee, soft drinks and Cary Lazy Daze delicious apple cider, but never alcohol. This is our standard also in restaurants or any social function.

(Er, you recommend toddlers drink coffee and soft drinks, but *I’m* irresponsible?)

A new one:

I see no value in having a beer garden at our Lazy Daze festival. We are experiencing many tragedies produced by alcohol. Many of our families, churches and schools are making efforts to discourage the consumption of alcohol. I feel our town leaders need to do the same. A beer garden lends nothing to the uniqueness and wholesomeness of this family-oriented event. I oppose the proposed beer garden and I encourage the Lazy Daze Committee to reject it.

(Let’s demonize, hide, and mystify beer! The kids will never know it exists! So much better than, say, integrating it into our lives as a healthful, enjoyable beverage.)

One last letter:

How many years before some group petitions for a little nudity nook, cocaine corner or a topless place like the one just around the corner, which came while Cary slept. We are awake now, and we have options. Keep pushing. You will learn this has more opposition than you might think.

No comment on that one.

Some people have problems with beer, and alcohol in general. And tragically, some have lost family members at the hands of irresponsible drinkers, which pains me to no end.

People have the right to express their opposition — you know, the whole “free country” thing. But the hyperbole and fear is just plain goofy. Thankfully, residents have written letters of support to news outlets. And the festival organizers are creating a beer garden that will respect beer, have excellent security and oversight, add value to the festival, and provide needed funds to a local nonprofit.

Relax, City of Anxious Residents Yammering. Some of y’all worry too much.

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