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“Hickory Hops, the fifth rendition of downtown Hickory NC’s annual beer festival, takes place on Union Square on Saturday, April 21st.

Although Asheville and Charlotte have had fests for years, in only its fourth year this is already an up-and-coming event for our humble burg. Hickory Hops is being planned and organized by the Hickory Downtown Development Association and hosted by Olde Hickory Brewery.

A beer festival is a celebration of beer, a gathering of the brewing clans. With brewers on hand to answer questions, it’s an opportunity for the beer neophytes and curious to learn and enjoy. A variety of beer, spanning almost every style, will be available. Don’t let the selection overwhelm you, there can be a method to this tasting madness.

Hickory Hops’ tasting glasses are sized, small, to encourage variety. Take advantage of the fest environment to try different beers. Sample as many as you are comfortable with. In order to try more beers, ask for half a glass. You can always get another. Taste a beer by taking at least two sips. Then decide whether it’s a flavor profile that you like. If it doesn’t make your taste buds sing, determine what flavor in that beer was objectionable. If you don’t feel like drinking more of that beer, empty your glass into the nearest dump bucket. Make note of the distasteful style of beer (usually provided as part of the beer’s name, such as Pale Ale, Brown Ale, Stout, etc). When you try another of that same style, look for the same unwelcome tastes. You may just not care for a particular style of beer. That’s okay – there are over 56 different styles to choose from.”

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