From the Bruisin Ales blog:

This Thursday, we’re doing a fantastic Belgian line-up with Millennium Beverage—the last three of which are brand new to North Carolina. On this week’s menu:

· Troubadour Blonde: Your first experience, while sipping the BLOND, will be a refreshing, sparkling effect on your tongue, followed by a mild bitterness enhanced by a spiciness that finishes with a sweeter sensation. A good nose recognizes the hops, in combination with fruity esters.

· Bier du Boucanier Red: The RED is easily considered a double in strength, and burst open with a full fruit candy like flavor, offset by a dry hoppy-ness, perfectly balanced. You could also categorize it as a strong amber ale.

· Bornem Triple: Golden shining and soft feeling in the mouth; perfectly balanced taste; full body and heart warming, a splendid aroma, tickling in the nose; hoppy dry long finish. You can age the Bornem Triple for many years, just like wine.

· Leute Bok: “Leute” means joy in Flemish, and “bok” is of course the “he-goat.” Leute Bok ale is a dark red heavy beer, top fermented and refermented in the bottle. The aroma and taste is unique and striking, not too sweet, but full and smooth on the tongue. The “official” denomination of the style is “Double Bock”, since it is over 7% alcohol by volume.

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