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John Kerr: better than drinking straight vodka.

Posted by Pop The Cap on September 7th, 2006

A year later, I don’t like harping on the past. It’s so much more exciting to envision the here and now…and the future of craft beer in North Carolina.

But with ditties like this one…who can resist a trip down Nostalgia Alley?

Story courtesy of NC SPIN.

Kerr supporting his opponent?

Sometimes the stories about politicians seem almost too funny to be real, but one of our most reliable sources swears this one is the “Sunday School Gospel Truth.”

Todd Siebels is the Republican candidate challenging incumbent Senator John Kerr in District 5. It isn’t at all unusual that the two had not formally met, but a fundraiser for the Wayne County Sheriff appeared the perfect opportunity.

Wearing his “Seibels for Senate” campaign button, Todd decided the time was right and went over to Kerr, stuck out his hand and said, “Senator Kerr, I’m Todd Siebels and I’m running, so I thought I would say hello.” Kerr responded in the typical politician way by saying, “That’s great. It’s good to meet you and you can count on my support.” You could have knocked Siebels over with a pin. The stunned Siebels responded, “O really? You’re going to vote for me?” Without hesitation, Kerr said, “Yes, I sure will,” then paused and asked, “Now, who is it you are running against?”

“YOU,” retorted Siebels. We can only surmise Kerr’s reaction. We can understand candidates not paying attention to what their opponent is doing, but not even knowing his name?

Good luck, Senator Kerr! We’re voting just as you are.

World Beer Festival — Durham

Posted by Pop The Cap on September 7th, 2006

Need we say more? It’s the big kahuna!

What’s a kahuna, anyway?

(mad rush to Google)